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      Critical Atom Tattoo Power Supply | AtomX-R And CXP19 Footswitch Bundle
      • Critical Atom Tattoo Power Supply | AtomX-R And CXP19 Footswitch Bundle

      Critical Tattoo AtomX-R And CXP19 Footswitch Bundle (White/Rose)


      Critical Tattoo
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      The AtomX-R

      The AtomX-R is designed to carry all the same great features of the original AtomX with the following additional features:

      1. Added capability to sync wirelessly with the CXP19 footswitch - less wires for a cleaner setup.

      2. Dual outputs to connect multiple machines.

      3. Modernized overlay design to enhance user interface experience.

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      Features & Benefits:

      Dual output for multi-machine presets

      Wireless pedal compatibility available CXP19

      Built-in Neodymium magnets for a strong hold

      Jumpstart enabled for hard starting machines

      Nonvolatile memory (holds presets even when power is removed)

      Momentary or Maintained foot switch modes (Easy one button toggle)

      Pedal override button (no need for a foot pedal if you run continuous mode)

      Wireless Footswitch:

      Compatible with the Critical XRR or AtomX-R Power Supplies, this wireless footswitch consists of an anodized aluminum body and has a non-slipping rubber bottom to prevent slippage while working.

      The centrally located push-button switch, with multiple contact springs, ensures a pleasant and quick response.

      The required energy gets the foot pedal of two AAA batteries, which are included. If the batteries run low someday and you don't have a new one at hand, you can connect any commercially available clip cord and work with it until you have new batteries available.

      The built-in technology makes interference almost impossible. This means that no matter how many footswitches are used in a room at the same time, the radio signals will not overlap and there will be no unwanted interference from operating other pedals.

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      Critical Tattoo AtomX-R And CXP19 Footswitch Bundle (White/Rose)