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Professional Cosmetics
Professional cosmetics

The professional cosmetics industry is continuously evolving, with a focus on personalization, sustainability, and holistic approaches to skincare. This report provides insights into the latest trends and products for facial care, body care, massage creams/oils/equipment, and face masks, drawing from recent publications and expert opinions.

Facial Care

Skincare Trends

The skincare industry is seeing a shift towards personalized and diagnostic approaches, machine learning, and data analytics.

There's a move away from clean beauty towards sustainable and personalized skincare, with a focus on nourishing ingredients like ceramides and sun-safe retinol alternatives.

Skincare experts are becoming more trusted than celebrity endorsements, indicating a preference for professional advice.

The trend is shifting from glossy to plump skin, emphasizing a balanced, healthy complexion.

Waterless beauty is emerging as a significant trend, promoting sustainability and innovation.

Editor and Expert-Recommended Skincare Products

The best skincare products of 2024 include formulas that extend beyond facial care to firm and enhance the body.

Tools that transform skin health, such as gua sha and face-lifting massage equipment, are gaining popularity over Botox and other invasive treatments.

Body Care

Body Care Emphasis

There's a growing emphasis on treating various body areas with products that address contour, texture, and tone.

A holistic approach to body care is becoming more prominent, with treatments that cater to specific body care concerns.

Massage Creams/Oils/Equipment

Professional Massage Products

Beauty group offer a variety of massage gels, oils, lotions, and creams, each with unique properties and benefits.

Essential oils like eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint are used for their therapeutic properties in massage treatments.

Massage Lotions

Massage lotions are ideal for deep tissue work and targeted therapy, available in both unscented and scented varieties, which can be custom-scented with essential oils.

Face Masks

Skincare Trends Impacting Face Masks

The use of sheet masks is expected to decline as consumers move towards more sustainable and less complicated skincare regimens.

There's a trend towards products that support the skin's microbiome and overall wellness, which may influence the types of face masks that gain popularity.

Professionals in the cosmetics industry must navigate a landscape that values sustainability, personalization, and a holistic approach to skincare. Facial care is becoming more tailored to individual needs, with a focus on nourishing ingredients and expert advice. Body care is spotlighting treatments that improve overall skin health, while massage therapists have a variety of oils, creams, and lotions to choose from, including options for custom scents and therapeutic benefits. Although the use of face masks like sheet masks may decline, there is still a demand for products that support skin health in a more sustainable and mindful way. As the industry continues to evolve, professionals will benefit from staying informed about the latest trends and products to provide the best care for their clients.

Professional cosmetics

Professional Cosmetics - Facial Care: Comprehensive Analysis

The professional skincare market is rich with products designed to address a wide array of skin concerns. Acne care, AHA-BHA acid complexes, anti-aging eye care, black spot removal, facial care for dehydrated skin, microdermabrasion, skin whitening, peels, scar/stretch mark treatments, pore reduction, and retinoids.

Acne Care

Acne Solutions

Products for Acne  2.5%, 5%, and 10% are available for varying degrees of acne severity, offering targeted treatments.

AHA-BHA Acid Complexes

AHAs and BHAs are chemical exfoliants that help in skin renewal and acne prevention.

AHAs are water-soluble acids that work on the skin's surface, ideal for dry or sun-damaged skin, while BHAs are oil-soluble, penetrating deeper into the pores, making them suitable for oily or acne-prone skin.

Products that combine these acids can help revive dull skin, exfoliate dead cells, and prevent future breakouts.

Anti-Aging Eye Care

The skin around the eyes is the thinnest on the face and is susceptible to damage from UV rays and aging.

Treatments like wrinkle relaxing injections, tear trough fillers, Ultherapy, and laser resurfacing are non-invasive options to address aging around the eyes.

A blepharoplasty is a surgical option for reducing drooping and tightening the skin around the eyes.

Black Spot Removal

AHA is effective in fading sunspots and pigmentation, which can help in black spot removal.

Products with hydroxy acids can also address post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation left by acne breakouts.

Facial Care for Dehydrated Skin

AHAs like glycolic acid and lactic acid can improve moisture retention in dehydrated skin.


Microdermabrasion is a professional treatment that can be complemented with products containing AHAs and BHAs for enhanced skin renewal.

Skin Whitening

Skin whitening or brightening can be achieved through products that address uneven skin tone and pigmentation.

Soft Milk Peel and Deep Milk Peel

Milk peels typically contain lactic acid, an AHA derived from milk, known for its gentle exfoliating properties.

Soft milk peels are milder and suitable for sensitive skin, while deep milk peels may offer more intensive exfoliation.

Scar/Stretch Mark Annihilation

Retinoids and products with glycolic acid can help build collagen and improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks.


Retinoids are a class of compounds derived from vitamin A, known for their ability to promote skin renewal and treat acne.

Over-the-counter and prescription retinoids can start to build collagen, turn over the skin, and make it appear brighter and less textured, which is beneficial for acne scars.

Professionals in the skincare industry have a plethora of options to address various skin concerns. RUJUVI and other brands offer targeted treatments for acne, while AHA-BHA acid complexes serve as effective exfoliants for a range of skin types. Anti-aging eye care has evolved with both non-invasive and surgical treatments to combat the signs of aging. Black spot removal and skin whitening can be achieved with products designed to even out skin tone. For those with dehydrated skin, AHAs are a key ingredient in maintaining moisture. While microdermabrasion is a professional procedure, it can be supported by at-home care with chemical exfoliants. Scar and stretch mark treatments, as well as pore reduction, can benefit from the use of retinoids and BHAs. The professional skincare market continues to innovate, offering solutions that cater to the diverse needs of consumers seeking healthy, radiant skin.

Professional Cosmetics - Body Care

The body care segment of professional cosmetics encompasses a variety of products and treatments designed to address specific skin concerns such as cellulite, bust care, neck care, hydration, and depilation. Information about anti-cellulite products, bust serums, and general body care, including lotions, hand creams, masks, and depilation solutions.

Anti-Cellulite Treatments

The professional cosmetics industry offers a variety of products and treatments specifically designed to combat cellulite. Information about anti-cellulite creams, serums, and professional treatments from brands like Rejuvi, Dermclar, and others.

Body Serum Dermclar Celu

Dermclar Celu is a body serum that reduces fatty nodules of cellulite, recovers skin elasticity, and improves firmness.

It is indicated for cellulitis in any stage and localized fat, and comes in a box of 5 vials of 10ml each.

The serum contains ingredients like Carnitine, Caffeine, and Centella Asiatica Extract and can be applied using various mesotherapy methods.

It should not be used on irritated skin, and if an unfavorable reaction occurs, treatment should be stopped and a physician consulted.

Additional Anti-Cellulite Treatments

High-intensity, deep-acting radio frequency and ultrasound cavitation are professional treatments for cellulite.

Concentrated, multi-active cellulite creams are also recommended for cellulite reduction.

The body brush is used on dry skin, with sweeping movements from the feet and legs up to the arms, followed by massaging the body oil into the whole body.

Professional anti-cellulite products and treatments are diverse, ranging from creams and serums to in-office procedures. Brands like Rejuvi, Dermclar offer products with active ingredients that target cellulite by promoting circulation, fat burning, and skin firming. For those seeking professional treatments, high-intensity radio frequency and ultrasound cavitation are effective options. Consistent use and combination with tools like body brushes can enhance results, leading to firmer, smoother skin and a reduction in cellulite appearance. It's important to note that these products are often intended for use by professionals, and any adverse reactions should prompt consultation with a physician.

Professional Cosmetics - Body Care: Rejuvi Breast Firming Products

Rejuvi Laboratory offers specialized products for enhancing and firming the bust area. The Rejuvi U Breast Firming Complex and the Rejuvi U Breast Firming Cream are two such products designed to improve the appearance of the breasts. This report provides a comprehensive overview of these products based on the information available from various sources.

Rejuvi U Breast Firming Complex (100 Ml.)

Overview and Benefits

The Rejuvi U Breast Firming Complex is a weightless liquid that aims to hydrate and firm the bust area, providing a lifted appearance.

It contains Pueraria mirifica extract, which is known for maintaining shape and firmness.

Glycerin is included for its moisture-binding properties, ensuring the skin remains supple, and chamomile is used for its soothing effects.

The complex comes in a convenient spray form that is easy to use and provides an instant tightening effect.

Phytoestrogens in the formula are intended to encourage growth, tighten, and lift the breast tissue.


For optimal results, it is recommended to apply a small amount of the complex to the breast area daily and massage it in for even distribution.

The complex should be used at night, while the cream is suggested for morning use.

It is important to apply the product when the skin is clean and warm to maximize absorption.

Rejuvi U Breast Firming Cream (60 G.)

Overview and Benefits

The Rejuvi U Breast Firming Cream is described as a luxurious cream that enhances, firms, and lifts the breasts.

Similar to the complex, it contains phytoestrogens and Pueraria mirifica extract to promote blood flow, encourage growth, and maintain the shape and firmness of the breasts.


The cream should be applied generously and evenly to the bust area and left on for at least 6 hours.

As with the complex, the cream should be used in the morning for maximum results, complementing the nighttime application of the complex.

The skin should be clean and warm during application to enhance effectiveness.

Rejuvi's U Breast Firming Complex and Cream are designed to work synergistically to enhance the bust area. They utilize ingredients like Pueraria mirifica extract and phytoestrogens to firm, lift, and maintain the shape of the breasts. The complex offers a convenient spray application with an instant tightening effect, while the cream provides a luxurious treatment to maximize results. For best outcomes, it is recommended to use the complex at night and the cream in the morning on clean, warm skin. Although the complex is currently out of stock, these products are part of Rejuvi's broader range of herb-based skincare solutions aimed at addressing various skin concerns.

Professional Cosmetics - Body Care: Neck and Double Chin Treatments

The neck and chin areas are often telltale signs of aging and can be challenging to treat. Professional cosmetic brands like Rejuvi and Dermclar offer specialized products to target these areas. Below is an overview of the Rejuvi Neck Rejuvenation Set and Dermclar Liposomes Doublechin Abdomen, which are designed to rejuvenate the neck area and address concerns like double chins and abdominal fat.

Rejuvi Neck Rejuvenation Set

Overview and Benefits

The Rejuvi Neck Rejuvenation Set is specifically formulated to address the unique skin care needs of the neck area, which is prone to sagging and wrinkles.

This set typically includes a combination of products such as a firming cream or serum, exfoliants, and treatments enriched with active ingredients to improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Ingredients may include peptides, antioxidants, and other compounds that support collagen production and skin repair.


The regimen for the Rejuvi Neck Rejuvenation Set usually involves a step-by-step process, starting with cleansing, followed by the application of a firming or exfoliating product, and finishing with a moisturizing treatment.

It is important to follow the specific instructions provided with the set for the best results, as the correct order of application and frequency of use can significantly impact the effectiveness of the treatment.

Dermclar Liposomes Doublechin Abdomen

Overview and Benefits

Dermclar Liposomes Doublechin Abdomen is a professional treatment designed to target localized fat deposits in areas such as the double chin and abdomen.

The product contains liposomes, which are microscopic spheres that can encapsulate active ingredients, enhancing their delivery to the targeted areas of the skin.

The formulation may include fat-reducing compounds such as phosphatidylcholine, which is known to help break down fat cells, and deoxycholate, which aids in the emulsification and removal of fat.


Dermclar Liposomes Doublechin Abdomen is typically applied by a professional through mesotherapy techniques, where the product is injected into the subcutaneous layer of the skin.

The treatment protocol may vary depending on the individual's needs and the professional's assessment, with multiple sessions often required for optimal results.

Additional Considerations

Both the Rejuvi Neck Rejuvenation Set and Dermclar Liposomes Doublechin Abdomen are professional-grade products, and their use should be guided by a licensed professional or dermatologist.

It is essential to consider the individual's skin type, any underlying health conditions, and the compatibility of these treatments with other skin care products or procedures.

Results can vary from person to person, and maintaining the outcomes may require ongoing treatment or a combination of lifestyle changes and skincare maintenance.

The Rejuvi Neck Rejuvenation Set and Dermclar Liposomes Doublechin Abdomen are specialized treatments aimed at improving the appearance of the neck and reducing fat in areas like the double chin and abdomen. These products are part of a professional approach to body care, utilizing advanced ingredients and delivery systems to target specific concerns. As with any professional-grade cosmetic treatment, it is crucial to seek advice from a skincare professional and adhere to the recommended application protocols for safe use and to achieve the best results.

Professional Cosmetics - Body Care: Body Lotions and Foot Repair Cream

Rejuvi 'L' Body Lotion

Overview and Benefits

Rejuvi 'L' Body Lotion is a luxurious moisturizer designed to address aging, dry, or sun-damaged skin. It is the world's first body lotion to deliver Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA) topically, which is known for protecting the skin from moisture loss. The lotion is enriched with aloe vera, allantoin, and seaweed extracts that soothe, nourish, and support the firmness of the skin without leaving a sticky residue.

Rejuvi Foot Repair Cream

Overview and Benefits

The Rejuvi Foot Repair Cream is formulated to improve the appearance of dry, scaly, and callused skin on the heels and feet, and it also helps relieve symptoms of athlete's foot. It promotes exfoliation and cell renewal with a unique combination of alpha-hydroxy acids, Vitamin A, and E complex, improving skin elasticity and resilience.

Key Ingredients

The cream contains key ingredients such as aloe vera gel, glycolic acid, and retinyl palmitate (Vitamin A), which work together to repair and rejuvenate the skin. The presence of glycolic acid and citric acid at a moderate pH value ensures effective exfoliation without causing irritation.

Rejuvi 'L' Body Lotion and Foot Repair Cream are professional-grade products designed to provide moisture, protection, and healing to the skin. The body lotion offers the unique benefit of GLA delivery, while the foot cream effectively treats dry and callused feet with its exfoliating and cell-renewing properties. Both products are formulated to be quickly absorbed and to leave no sticky residue, making them suitable for daily use. With key ingredients that promote skin health and firmness, these Rejuvi products are valuable additions to any body care routine.

Professional Cosmetics - Body Care: Hand Creams and Serums

Silcare Hand Creams and Serums

Silcare offers a range of hand creams and serums designed to protect, nourish, and rejuvenate the skin on the hands. These products are formulated with various beneficial ingredients to address different skin concerns, from dryness and irritation to uneven skin tone and signs of aging.

Silcare Hand Cream QUIN OMEGA

Benefits and Application

The Silcare Hand Cream QUIN OMEGA is enriched with natural unsaturated fatty acids omega 3 and 6 from avocado and linen oil, providing effective protection against cold and wind.

Its rich formula strengthens the skin's lipid barrier, preventing cracking and chapping, making it ideal for mature, dry, and sensitive skin.

The cream is hypoallergenic and designed to nourish, lubricate, and help with the regeneration of the epidermis.

It is recommended to massage the cream into clean, dry hands until fully absorbed, especially during autumn and winter before going out.

Additional Features

The cream comes in elegant packaging with a tempting fruity fragrance and a velvet consistency, providing an exclusive SPA-like experience.

It is also available in a Sweet Mango scent and is quickly absorbed, making it suitable for office work or computer use.

Silcare Quin Hand Serum With C3 Complex

Benefits and Application

The Silcare Quin Hand Serum With C3 Complex is designed to target uneven skin tone and spots on the hands, including hepatic, senile, or depigmented spots.

It contains White Mulberry Extract, Cucumber Cell Extract, and AHA acids from hibiscus flower, which work on the melanogenesis process to reduce pigmentation.

Glycerin, hydrolyzed silk, and D-panthenol are included for hydration, skin regeneration, and soothing irritation.

Vitamin E in the serum protects the skin from aging and UV radiation.

Regular use for a minimum of 6 weeks is recommended, with the serum being massaged into clean, dry hand skin until absorbed.

Additional Features

The serum offers a range of benefits, including hydration, protection against water loss, nourishment, and improvement of skin firmness and elasticity.

It has a long-lasting perfume fragrance with delicate fresh notes and does not leave an oily layer.

Silcare's range of hand creams and serums, including the QUIN OMEGA and Quin Hand Serum With C3 Complex, offer comprehensive care for the hands. These products are formulated with ingredients that protect against environmental damage, nourish the skin, and address specific concerns like dryness, irritation, and uneven skin tone. For best results, these products should be used regularly and as directed, ensuring that hands remain hydrated, protected, and rejuvenated.

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