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      Kwadron cartridges needles | Optima permanent makeup
      • Kwadron cartridges needles | Optima permanent makeup
      • Kwadron cartridges needles | Optima permanent makeup

      KWADRON OPTIMA Permanent Makeup Cartridges


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      Kwadron Optima needles allow you to do the most perfect and amazing permanent makeup. Unique system of stabilizing - needles ultra sharp - which ensures their durability and strength.


      Last time this product was bought: 06/24/2024

      KWADRON CARTRIDGES OPTIMA Permanent Makeup 1 Pcs.

      Kwadron needles Optima allow you to do the most amazing and perfect permanent makeup. With a unique system of stabilizing - ultra sharp needles, which ensures their durability and strength.  

      Cartrige is made from medical plastic, which reduced the friction between needle and the housing and ensures high work culture. Integrated powerful needle system with the tip guarantees, safety and hygiene of the highest standards. 

      Each Kwadron cartridge Optima PMU is packaged in a sterile, disposable packaging. In Cartridges also includes a membrane style system which provides ample protection again ink back flow. 

      Kwadron tattoo needles is the novelty and revolution in permanent make up industry. As a leader in beauty- Permanent makeup with a lot of years of experience. In the creation and production of cartridges - needles with the highest quality. Product created and dedicated to Permanent make up. 

      Kwadron cartridges are compatible with the most popular machines: 

      • Cheyenne Hawk
      • Equaliser proton
      • Fk irons etc.

      Available Diameter or needle: 

      • 0.18mm 
      • 0.25mm 
      • 0.30mm 
      • 0.35mm
      • 0.40mm

      Available Length of blade: 

      • UT (Ultra Short Taper - 2mm)
      • PT (Point Taper -2.5mm)
      • MT (Medium Taper - 6mm)
      • LT (Long Taper - 7 mm)
      • TEX (Textured)

      Available type of needle: 

      • Round Liner (RL) - 1RL, 3RL, 5RL, 7RL
      • Round Shader (RS) - 1RS, 3RS, 5RS, 7RS
      • Flat (F) - 3F, 4CF, 5CF
      • Magnum (M) - 5M, 9M 

      About Kwadron company:

      Company Kwadron manufacturer of cartridges, needles, inks, equipment, and accessories. Kwadron cartridge needles usa tattooing, permanent makeup - selling like one of the best products to all countries. Its a high quality products that reach best customers reviews every day. Kwadron cartridges 1rl is one of the trusted products of our permanent makeup professionals for over a dozen years. 

      Long term cooperation with permanent makeup and tattoos professionals develop optimal solutions to each master. The highest quality of products which we can offer for our clients is the key to success to be more professional.

      All products we send in same working day after order receiving. Products you ordered to the destination will come quickly and the products always just good! 

      And no matter which product you will order from Kwadron - tattoo machine. Kwadron cartridges membrane, needles, inks or just other accessories- you can be sure that every effort will make you happy! 

      Also we suggest to buy this products from Kwadron:

      UNISTAR BOOSTER Foam Soap - is an anti bacterial soap solution. This cleanser helps to clean the skin from ink and Vaseline, as well reduces swelling & redness. Its easy to use - used directly on the skin, without diluting it. 

      KWADRON tattoo needle cartridges - tattoo needles are also available as cartridges for tattoo machines. This needles- cartridges are available in many different configurations (Size, Length, Diameter and type). We can suggest you Round shader, Round Liner, Magnum or just soft Edge Magnum with Long taper Needles. 

      These new in Cartridges and a needle stabilizing system that ensures optimal performance for your needles. The tips are made from medical plastic. Medical grade plastic keeping your needles sharp for longer- making friction between the needle and the tip minimal. 

      KWADRON tattoo needle - unquestion able the best needles ever made. Its high quality needles- sharps, durable and long lived. Kwadron its perfectly soldered configurations for tattoo professionals.  

      This needles is available in different diameter, size and Type. Available diameter: 0.25mm, 0.30mm, 0.35mm. Needle Length: MT (Medium Taper-6mm), LT (Long Taper - 7 mm), TEX (Textured). 

      KWADON Permanent makeup Cartridges - Permanent make up needles as well available like a cartridges for your machine. This needles cartridges available in many different configurations: size, type, diameter. Only using professional knowledge and experience. Following trends and listening to tattooists manufacturer create a Kwadron needle cartridges usa, that perfectly matches the needs of customers. 

      We are proud to present the best needle manufacturer. Each configuration and combination of needles its super elastic, mega sharp, long blades of increased hardness. About 90% selling needles in the market quality is very poor- which can be easily bend. Movement of the working is very important for each professional. Sharpness and what is the most important serves filings under the skin. Skin needs several weeks to regenerate- and effect of tattooing thin kind of needles is such a miserable.  

      We can quarantee that every Kwadron needles usa in the package will just be perfect- evenly sharp needles ensure the highest quality of work. Many profesionals- reputable tattoo artists appreciated the quality of Kwadron manufactured needles. 

      All needles- cartridges in available sizes: 0.25mm., 0.30mm., 0.35mm and textured needles. 

      We are happy to announce that beautygroup-shop.com have secured the exclusive distributions rights for the Kwadron needles- cartridges. 

      One of the best manufacturer in the market Kwadron developed strong reputation with high quality materials.  

      Razor sharp, flexible needles- highest precision grouped together.  Cartridges with unique style stabilizing that ensures optimal performance, was been engineered like new in. 

      Famous tattoo ink in the world bring you premium quality tattoo ink with super high pigment content and amazing flow rate. 

      Dima A   09/13/2021
      The best

      My favorite cartridge. I made my third purchase and will never change

        Amanda   01/06/2021
        kwadron cartridges

        Kwadron is my favorites- also recommended

          Oxana   12/17/2020
          Very good

          Im usiing Kwadron products for more than 3 years now and i want to say what im really loving every second work with it. Quality is really amazing.

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          KWADRON OPTIMA Permanent Makeup Cartridges