Roverhair TRUE CELEBRITY BIO-PERM Curl On 260 ml. (>0, >1, >2)

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Roverhair TRUE CELEBRITY BIO-PERM Curl On 260 ml. (>0, >1, >2)

Roverhair developed True Celebrity Bio-Perm, the first permanent wave without thioglycolic acid or its derivatives and without ammonia. Roverhair launches this product, which has been developed with a modern technology and produces amazing results. The exclusive formula keeps the hair in perfect condition, supple, natural and above all without damaging it. 

This is how True Celebrity Bio-Perm works: Bio-Perm based on amino acids, develops its reduction activity with a natural ingredient that was produced in the laboratory by modification of the amino acid "CYSTIN". Cystine is an amino acid found in keratin of human hair. 

True Celebrity Bio-Perm uses this natural amino acid whose chemical composition has been modified. Through several operations, the acid elements of cystine are eliminated, whereby the alkali group remains unchanged. 

How to use:

Bio-Perm is used in the same way as the traditional alkaline perm, however no heat sources should be used here and it must be rinsed out very intensively (smell) min. 5 minutes.

> 0 - for thick and curly hair, pH 8.5 - 9.5

> 1 for normal hair, pH 8 - 9

> 2 - for dyed and dry hair, pH 8 - 9

Gift - CURL ON DOSER 90ml.

This item is for sale only to professional stylists

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