Roverhair New Pure Color Begins Ultra-Lift 100 ml.

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Roverhair New Pure Color Begins Ultra-Lift 100 ml.

Seduction, beauty, and gentleness combined in a new formula; technology and nature blend in a unique, winning, reliable combination and able to meet every single technical and esthetic requirement. New chromatic horizons, reflections and movements for perfect and safe color; a formula enriched and perfected.

With Thermal Water, Keratin and Macadamia Oil anti-ageing and moisturizer.

This product is not intended for use on persons under the age of 16. Hair colorants can cause allergic reactions.  Do not color your hair if: - you have a rash on your face or sensitive, irritated and damaged scalp, - you have ever experienced any reaction after coloring your hair, - you have experienced a reaction to a temporary ‘black henna’ tattoo in the do so may cause blindness. Perform a skin sensitivity test 48 hours before each product use. Avoid the contact of the product with eyes and skin.

Ingredients: Aqua/Water/Eau, Cetyl Alcohol, Cocamide MEA, Stearyl Alcohol, Stearic Acid, Glyceryn Stearate, Propylene Glycol, Ammonium Hydroxide, Glycerin, C12-13 Alkyl Lctate, DI-C12-13 Alkyl Malate, Macadamia Ternifolia Seedd Oil, Olea Europaea Leaf Extract,  Tridecyl Salicylate, Di-C12-13 Alkyl Tartrate, Tri-C14-15 Alkyl Citrate, Ascorbic Acid, Sodium Hydrosulfite, EDTA, Limonene, Coumrin, Linalool, Profumo/Parfum/Fragrance+/-; p-Phenylenediamine , 4-Amino-2-Hydroxytoluene, p-Aminophenol, Toluene-2,5-Diamine Sulfate, 4-Chlororesorcinol, Resorcinol, 2-Methylresorcinol, 2-Amino-4-Hydroxyethylaminoanisole Sulfate, m-Amino phenol,Phenyl Methyl Pyrazolone, 2,4-Diaminophenoxyethanol HCI, N,N-Bis(2-Hydroxyethyl)-p-Phenylenediamine Sulfate, N-Phenyl-p-Phenylenediamine, 1,5-Naphthalenediol, 1-Naphthol, 4-Amino-m-Cresol, 6-Amino-m-Cresol, 2-Amino-6-Chloro-4-Nitrophenol, Oxyquinoline Sulfate, 2-Amino-3-Hydroxypyridine, 2,5,6-Triamino-4-Pyrimidinol Sulfate.

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