Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure whereby hair like incision strokes are created along the eyebrow to attempt to either enhance, reshape or create a natural looking appearance on the brows. The procedure entails the use of a nanoblade, which is dipped into a pigment that has been matched to natural hair colour and skin tone and is then glided along a sketched outline of the brow that has been drawn on and scrutinized beforehand. Whilst only penetrating into the upper skin, the pigment is deposited simultaneously with the creation of the hair like stroke leaving a feathered outline. Also known by a variety of names such as embroidery, microstroking, feather touch and hair like strokes, is a form of semi-permanent makeup that provides a means to partially or fully camouflage missing eyebrow hair with the appearance of simulated hair using fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigments. Over time the strokes can blur and fade and will need to be refreshed.

  • 12C - 18U GOLD disposable eyebrow microblading pen (1 pcs.)

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    The sleek, high quality penUltra Sharp BladesEO Gas Sterilized Individually Blister PackedAvailable in your choice of Slope or U shape ..
  • 18U disposable eyebrow microblading pen (1 pcs.)

    Item Code: 18U-pen

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    About the productSize: 18U Blades with Handle(needle 0.2mm)Material:The blades is made of high quality medical 304H stainless steel needle thread products.Microblading Pen Design:Ergonomic, Slim, Lightweight.Packing:Packaged in disposable blister with expiration Date and Lot Number.Each Blade Pen is Individually Sterile Wrapped...
  • 2 in 1 palette / mirror

    Item Code: pmir

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  • 3D Rubber head mask with open eyes

    Item Code: MaskSkin1

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    3D Rubber Permanent Makeup Practice Head Mask With Open EyesSkin mask tattoo practice;Head model used for beauty school students to practice make-up;Washable, very soft;Easy to get ink.Non toxic;Realistic,similar with real human skin feeling;It can be repeatedly tattooed for several times according to your need.Material - Rubber..
  • 3D Skin structure model

    Item Code: 3DSstruc

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    This unique skin model shows a section of human skin in three dimensional form.Individual skin layers are differentiated, and important structures of the skin such as hair, sebaceous and sweat glands, receptors, nerves and vessels are shown in detail.The model is mounted on a base and does not dissect.The high quality skin block..
  • A+ Ocean Tattoo Removal or Lightening Solution 30ml.

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    A+ OCEAN uses the finest sea salt available any place in the world and then refines the salt and completes a filtering process that makes the product as pure as can possibly be manufactured.With a saline removal solution the goal is to create a superficial controlled scab. It is the body’s natural healing process that removes or..
  • Acrylic pigment caps holder Nr.15 (16 halls)

    Item Code: Holder15nr

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    It has 16 holes for ink cup: 4 large holes, 5 medium holes and 7 small holes.Made of high quality plastics, more durable.Perfect for organizing and placing pigment or ink for tattoo.Suitable for both professional use and home use.Unique design and beautiful appearance make it nice to match your room decoration.Specifications:Typ..
  • Acrylic pigment caps holder Nr.16 (11 halls)

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    Acrylic pigment caps holder Nr.16 (11 halls)..
  • Acrylic pigment caps holder Nr.18 (9 halls)

    Item Code: Holder18nr

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    Acrylic pigment caps holder Nr.18 (9 halls)..
  • Acrylic pigment containers holder Nr.4

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    Acrylic pigment containers holder Nr.4 9 places for pigment containers ..
  • Applicator (25pc.)

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    Applicator (25pc.) ..
  • Artist Colour Wheel

    Item Code: ColorWheel

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    An extremely helpful large Colour Wheel which has become very popular among artists. This Colour Wheel visually demonstrates how to mix colour, including a grey scale and illustrates colour relationships and harmonies...
  • Artist Tattoo Pen

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    Artist Tattoo Pen Skin Skribe pens are used for free hand drawing of designs onto skin. For those artists that do not use stencils. It may be more time consuming to do it this way but it may be more worthwhile since what you are getting is a unique one of a kind piece. Also, free hand artists tend to charge more as their work..
  • Atom Universal Mount

    Item Code: AUM

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    FOR ALL ATOM POWER SUPPLIESThis powder coated, angled 16 gauge steel mount features three removable, high-strength magnets, providing an ultra stable surface for your Critical Atom or Critical Atom-X...
  • Be Lifted pen

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    Be Lifted Fibroblast penNon surgical lift technology is here. How does Be lifted workIn the be lifted handpiece, the electrical energy is converted into an electrostatic and transmitted to the applicator tip by impulse. At the right distance from the skin, oxygen and nitrogen are mixed, and the electrostatic energy produces..
  • Be Lifted pen needle (5 pcs.)

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