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  • Nanogen Root Boost Hair Thickening Spray 100ml.

    Item Code: RootBoost

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    KEY FEATURESContains keratin for an instant thickening effectFormulated with niacinamide, which helps to soothe and nourish the scalpContains green tea, which helps protect hair against free radical damageLight, non-greasy formulaHeat activated proteins protect against damage from blow-dryingCan be applied on wet or dry hair..
  • Roverhair ITS Sea Salt Water Spray (150 ml.)

    Item Code: ROVSW

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    Roverhair ITS Sea Salt Water Spray (150 ml.) ..
  • Roverhair SOMNIUM D'Argan Volumizing eco hairspray 300ml.

    Item Code: SD'Aeco

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    With argan oil,  Chloride free, natural sugar beet alcohol. No gas strong hold hairspray with natural sugar beet alcohol; dries rapidly, versatile hairspray for defining and modelling your hairstyle with a strong hold.USE: spray onto dry hair from about 20cm; for a firmer hold, reduce spraying distance.This item is for..
  • Roverhair SOMNIUM Mousse 150 ml.

    Item Code: RSM

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    D'argan Somnium Arganolie Eco Mousse For body en volume to fine, limp and fly away hair Argan Oil styling mousse ideal for fine hair with keratin, protein, honey and omega-6 for body, volume and fullness for fine hair.  Shake well and spray 1-2 times on the hands, rub uniform and apply to damp hair, Apply on the ro..
  • Roverhair 5 Deeping Mold it eco hair spray 300 ml.

    Item Code: RDMIEHS

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    No gas medium hold hairspray with natural sugar beet alcohol; dries rapildly, versatile hairspray for modelling your hairstyle without a strong hold. HOW TO USE: spray onto dry hair from about 20 cm; for a firmer hold, reduce spraying distance. ..
  • Roverhair Star Shine Spray 250ml.

    Item Code: RSSS

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    Ideal for dry, dull, chemical treated hair, split puten and stressed hair. With secret.  Fixes not; makes stressed hair vital and let it shine. Specifically for dull and stressed hair. ..
  • Roverhair wipped controller mousse 300ml.

    Item Code: WCM

    Availability: Pre-Order

    A WIPPED CONTROLLER MOUSSE a uniqui mousse; conditioning, moisturizing with excellent shape and hold control; a sweet sensation that leaves hair soft, shiny and full of vitality. Usage: apply on damp and clean hair shaping with hands or a hair dryer. ..
  • Roverhair 4 mousse volume 250 ml.

    Item Code: RMV

    Availability: Pre-Order

    Voluminous styling mousse for fine hair, this hair styling mousse especially for fine, lifeless, limp and thin hair, strong sustainability body and volume mousse. ..