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    Smelly Gelly Piercing Aftercare (8.5g)
    • Smelly Gelly Piercing Aftercare (8.5g)

    Smelly Gelly Piercing Aftercare (8.5g)


    Kiti Gamintojai
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    This is great product and can eliminate the unpleasant odour that can often be a side effect of having a piercing.

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    This superb product can help to reduce and even eliminate the unpleasant side effects that can come from certain piercings and procedures. This is often due to the chemistry of the body and cannot always be corrected through regular cleaning as it is a combination of many things. This product named Smelly Gelly is a white petroleum based piercing conditioner. It helps to prevent the smell associated with body piercings from 15-30 days.

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    Smelly Gelly Piercing Aftercare (8.5g)

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