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    Silcare Nail Conditioner (15ml)


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    Professional formula nourishing natural, problematic nails. The vitamin cocktail with strong nourishing effect. 

    Nail Polish

    Calcium Gel - Regular use strengthens nails by restoring the natural structure of calcium. 

    Penetrating into the deeper layers strengthens and tones the natural nail to prevent cracks and fractures. 

    Vitamin Bomb - As a result  of the high content of vitamins A, E and B5, nails are naturally moisturized and strengthened  after the “Vitamin Bomb” product treatment.

    Additionally, the product also elasticizes nails, which protects them from damage. 

    It is suitable for all types of nails as a base coat under colorful nail decorations and polish.

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    Silcare Nail Conditioner (15ml)

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