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      skin monarch baron 360
      • skin monarch baron 360
      • skin monarch baron 360

      Skin Monarch Baron 360 (power device + pen)


      Skin Monarch
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      Skin Monarch Baron 360 (power device + pen)


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      Skin Monarch Baron 360 (power device + pen)

      Technical parameters of Power Unit:

      Model: Skin Monarch Baron 360

      Input voltage range: 90 - 240V

      Input voltage frequency: 50 - 60Hz

      Output power range: 0,3W – 45W

      Output voltage range: 3 – 18V, adjustable output voltage accuracy +- 0,1V

      Output current: 0 – 2A, accuracy +- 0,1a. With overload protection functions for current output

      Duty radio of output ripple: accuracy +-1 %

      Operating ambient temperature: 5C– 40C

      Operating ambient humidity: 30% - 75%

      Operating ambient air pressure: 900 – 1600 Hpa  

      1 year warranty for principle machine, 3 months warranty for adapter, power supply cord and other accessories. 

      2 models designs: vision and skull (function is the same)

      Technical parameters of Handpiece:

      Finger hold place 18mm.
      Width: 23mm.
      Height: 115mm.
      Weight: 96g.

      Finger hold place 20mm.
      Width: 24mm.
      Height: 111mm.
      Weight: 92g.

      •Optional RCA (Pen shape is slimmer finger hold place compared to DC type).
      •Needle stroke: 3.2mm.
      •Fits to all highest quality power supplies (Baron, Critical).
      •Adjustable needle length by scrolling the pen holder.
      •Sturdy aluminum body for light weight on the handle.


      Skin Monarch Baron 360 kit includes:

      - 1pcs. Baron 360 machine

      - 1pcs. Baron 360 pen

      - 1pcs. Baron 360 machine clip cord

      - 1pcs. Baron 360 adapter

      -1 box of cartridges- GIFT!

      Sady   01/06/2021

      This is the best machine for beginners

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        Skin Monarch Baron 360 (power device + pen)

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